EW1621 burning bad sectors (maybe only at slow speeds)

Hi there,

I am a new owner of a BenQ EW1621 (who just recently mailed in for his rebate - so now I can’t return it - argh) and I am getting bad verifies after burning some DVDs. The only media I have tried is BenQ DVD+R with the code DAXON-AZ2 (95% sure about this, I will need to verify when I am at home).

I haven’t yet burned enough discs to identify a consistent pattern. However, I’ve run into problems with the last two discs that I have burned, and both were at 2.4x - the minimum speed for this disc. Is there any way that the slow burning speed could be causing the problem? This sounds counterintuitive, no? Is my machine faulty, or is this just bad media?

I am noticing the bad sectors from bad verifies with DVD Decrypter, and confirmed by using Nero CD/DVD Speed’s ScanDisc utility.

I upgraded the firmware upon purchase.

Any advice is appreciated.

Slow writiing is not always better, why write the media below advised writing speed?
Burn a disk at 4x speed and see how it looks. Maybe it’s the writing strategy that’s not helpfull writing at such low speed. I’ve never used Daxon media so I cann’t check this.

Thanks for the response. I didn’t know that slow writing wasn’t always better.

I believe the DVD+Rs are labelled 8x, but I thought that was just a maximum suggested write speed. My writer lists available writing speeds as 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 12x and 16x.

I’ve read a lot of posts regarding PS2 backups that suggest writing at as low speed as possible, and that this has solved a lot of people’s problems with their early version PS2s. (Which I haven’t tried out yet - I’m still in the learning phase)

Anyone else with experiences that slower is not necessarily better?

[B]There are very few people that have REAL EW162Is. I have a DW1620 installed in a 3507 Case with the 47L9 (EW162I) firmware and it works great. I do get 16X burns on firewire and 12X burns on USB2.

Could you run the Nero CD/DVD Speed Program to determinte your burst rate when attached with USB2.

This is also your first step to determine how fast you can burn… [/B]

hey pall,

ive had the same problem with those benQ’s dvd+r 8x on my nec-3500AG. It realy seems the slower i burn those discs the wurse the results to my surprise. Me 2 have had very bad results on 2.4X B.U.T when i checked the quality of both 4X burned disk compared to that of an 8X burned the quality scan were actualy the same :eek:. Even though the one wich i wrote at 4X speed gave more playback problems then the one i wrote at 8X speed :confused: . How relyable are those PI/PO scans infact. Nero gave me an overal quality score of 77 on both those DISCS? But still, those benq’s are much better than my infinity’s dvd+r X4 (certified speed) mediacode=mcc003 (same as verbatim :eek: but not better). I thought verbatim Wos/Is one of the best media arround. Well, there’s but 1 way to check this out dispite the media code. I hope i wos helpfull to u guys.

urs kab,

Thanks for the (much delayed) response!

What I’ve learned over time (at least for my burner/discs) is that I tend to get the best quality when I burn at the “advertised” speed for the disc. So you have 8x discs? Then burn at 8x.

well, treu with the benq’s at least. I wonder if there’s any difference if i tried it with dee"s liggys 2.TE firmware!! Any 1 experienced some quality based improvements?

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urs kab,