This is something rather stupid I stumbled upon while googling for the headline.
Georgia, where is that?


i was raised there…gets a reputation as being a place where people aren’t that bright…probably cause of the major religion factor down there…here it is :slight_smile:

Weather must be good down there eh? :slight_smile:

Hey 2 states to the west is ME :slight_smile:

I didnt realize you were that big SS :bigsmile:

think…in the summer…90 degrees w/ 100% humidity…:(…no good…

yes and the heat idex…110
misqutoes that attack like kamazees…
and rattlesnakes…:smiley:

GREAT place to live…

hey dufas…stop sniffin those dirty undies…thats the state where i live…duh…

I lived in Georgia for 3.5 years…and they used to always pick on folks from Alabama. And those from Alabama used to say “Thank God for Mississippi. They keep us from being number 50” as in worse state in the union. Sorry SS :slight_smile:

OMG…I just read that article. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. :sad:

I thought this was another “serious” thread which seems to the trend on Living Room forum these days, but it seems to be about US geography. :rolleyes:

I was hit by mosquitoes three times a few hours ago which is the very reason why I visited CDFreaks.com at 3-6 AM. :frowning:

Well its hard to be serious about things like “tyrannosaurus rex ate plants”.
Oooooh so thats why they had big pointy teeth?!
Its a sorry affair when lies gets taught out in schools. But apparently they were overruled on that subject. (?)

Bugger those must be big mosquitos if they woke you up by colliding into you :bigsmile: :wink:

yeah but now its us Mississippi folks saying thank god for Arkansas…:smiley:

I thought the same thing. :iagree: