Evolution Soccer Pro - Working copy :-)

Just to let anyone who may copy this know;

Using A120 I managed to get a working copy with my Plextor PX-708UF (External). Used default settings (Kept clicking “next”!). Not sure what protection it is using if any.

P.S. This game is on DVD (UK version)

can you be a bit more specific starghost ?
on your settings and media used burn speeds etc. did you read and write on the same drive I assume the model is a dvd writer?
my analysis shows this game contains securom 4.85 and as yet
I am unable to get a working copy however its very early days as I only have got it today.

logic i have the 708A (mines internal) its prolly the best DVD readwriter out there. its a plextor;)

it does both + and - formats and it can do 8x writes on + dvds…

unfortunatly i do not have that title to test.

can this dvd rw drive do gigarec???

The Plextor 708 does not have the Gigarec function.

Ok I was wrong in my first post about making a working a copy. It’s using the Securom protection but I can’t tell which version. The game installs perfectly fine but will not run thus meaning you use a crack or copy it again with different settings. At present I have no knowledge on copying DVD games that use Securom so I’ll investigate and report back anything I find out. As I said before I used the default DVD DAO settings in Alcohol. I read the disc with my Lite-On reader and copied the game on the fly.

ATHLON 1800XP (Palomino)
Nforce2 Chipset
LITE-ON LTR-52246S =6S0D
DiamondMAX SATA 80GB

I was just wondering how did you solve it when there is no official way yet :wink:

Who closed my thread on copying Evolution Pro Soccer and why?


I did. Currently, you can’t make a working backup without cracked files.