Evil Genius

Ok a am NEW at this and i think i have tryed everything. i am trying to copy this game but no sucess. can any one help?

More info please. Is it a dvd or a cd? What copy protection does it use? (Scan with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID to find out.) What burner/s and other ordinary cd/dvds rom/s, if any, do you have?

I tryed a-ray scaner but nothing. for the protection id i get
File Type : Dll, Size : 286773 (046035h) Bytes
-> File has 53 (035h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 046000h

  • Scan Took : 0.907 Seconds
    the other files have nothing. it is a cd game and i have a default gateway cd-drive (sorry looked for hours before cant find the maker) but cd-rw and dvd-+rw. and i have cheep cds from sony and a cd-rw that i have been testing it on

afaik its securom 5.xx
don´t scan the files on cd, scan the game.exe :wink:

If it’s a securom 5.xx protected cd, see tutorials for-

  1. RMPS emulation copy; and/or

  2. Twinsectors (non-emulation) copy.

btw the exe has no protection

ya tryed w/o the RMPS but no luck. also a short of topic question. I have the trial of alcohol 120 but dont really want to buy it. is alcohol 52 have most of the same stuff?

should try before i say anything but it did not work also with the RMPS