Evil Genius backup

Uhm a SecuROM 5.03.
Sounds hard to defeat. Can Plextor Premium do the trick?

Sorry Schidzo, this thread is not for copy protection discussion. only to report the protection used. I think u should use the appropriate forum to discuss backing up this protection.

Thread split…

If you have a Plex Premium then you should use BlindWrite4 or BlindWrite5 to make a backup of it, it will get you the best copy possible.

Erm, assuming that Plextor premium “is” a high end burnable CD rom and “assuming” that it is probably 1 gig recordable :rolleyes: and “assuming”(Boy I would be wrong if any one of these are wrong :o ) that its to burn the playable Disc of it then a relatively cheap 800 mb burnable has been working for me :iagree: Works with the twinpeak method (it rocks :iagree: )

@Drek No, I font feel that it is a high end burnable CD rom. I feel it is a high end CD-RW burner. Yes, you can fit 1 gig onto a disc, but doing that for game backups is pointless/won’t work, and it is limited to a CD-R, and won’t work on most non Plextor devices. A relatively cheap media would be a good solution indeed if it does the job that you desire it to.
@Schidzo Yes. Plextor, SecuROM 4/5 and Blindwrite are a very good combination.