Evil Dead Regeneration Working!

I’ve finally succesfully backed up Evil dead regeneration which has the all powerfull securom 7. I used alcohol 120, First set your DPM to High, Read Dpm At lowest speed 1x. Set your executable files Compatibility where game is installed to windows 2000. Mount image with daemon tools, use virtual cd hide, and vuala, Play!!! :bow: :iagree:

It works fine just mounting as a blindwrite image with a bwa file, no emulation and only using Alcohol to mount the image. You don’t need to set the file compatibility to win2000 either, at least for me I didn’t have to. Making a 1:1 backup clone is the problem I’ve currently having with this title, Psychonauts and Indigo Prophecy.

I have made a working backup of indigo prophecy as well, took me some time though.

Hmm, i have got bwa image and i can’t mount it. I see error when trying to browse it, and i can burn it becouse the slowest burn speed ix x8… how to get x4? Any ideas? LiteOn 1693… i can’t burn it x4 becouse of hardware? or i need to find better media than verbatim and memorex?

ive tried it both ways, i keep getting an error…i want to play this game, how can I!!! I got the images and used daemon tools, alcohol 120, virtual drive hide…now what? None of that worked

Perhaps by buying your very own original copy? :wink: :slight_smile:

I bet you all the money in the world, non of these guys have it, they just say they copied it as an image on here so that they can get a crack or find some way to get it to work.

This imputation does not justify to do that the same way :disagree:

“I took CD1 and Imaged it on my computer,” now how do I get the game to authorize it? I keep getting the message, “Original disc could not be found or authenticated.”

What software did you use to make the image and what were the settings used?

Maybe you have made a bad image and you should extract a new image from your original game disc.

Your wrong, I do buy my games, hell to even prove it I will scan the reciept if you want and post it, straight from EBGames. True that one guy did not buy it saying I want to play this game, totally busted there. I still havn’t been able to get a true clone backup of Indigo Prophecy, emulation yes works fine but its not working when its burned to disc with the premium. Strange thing is that the non working backup can be copied to the hdd and then mounted (blindwrite image with bwa or alcohol image with RMPS) and it runs fine without emulation for the blindwrite image. I find that very strange, they obviously have had something on the originals that can’t be copied for awhile now because Psychonauts worked fine as a 1:1 non emulated clone for retail version but after a patch came out, the samething is happening now as what I’ve said about Indigo Prophecy.