Evil CDRW Drive Not Cloning With Nero Or CloneCD

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im an absolute newbie to this so sorry about the minimalistic info. my problemo is that i have just brought a brand new Liteon thingy ma bob 52x32x52 cd writer, and it came with nero. so i popped that on but found that it really does not like cloning anything. the buffers just do not fill at all, and it sounds like it spins at first, but just goes down to a slow hum, and then my burn speed. well. is, to say the least not even considered a burn speed. 0.01 or something like that. it does exactly the same with clonecd though, no buffers filling up. and before anyone says, it did it with my previous cd burner, good old 4x, and it just would not build up any buffers. It does this on nero and clonecd when just creating the image from the source disk, and if i put the source disk in another drive, it still doesnt create the image (my other drive isnt a burner) HOWEVER, the twist. when burning music onto a cd, e.g through easy creator cd, it loves it. el zoomo. umm, i have a dvd rom, not writer, which i used to use as my old faster drive, i think it is master though, and the burner is the slave, and they are connected by the same IDE? cable. I am a bit confused and if anyone could help it would be muchaly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

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Make sure DMA is enabled and if you have any nvidia IDE drivers you can try tossing those away for MS drivers. But check DMA first.

ok, but is dma in nero, clone cd, or windows somewhere? sorry about this. but if its in nero will it affect the cloning capabilities in clonecd?

k woops, posted a new thread, oh well, but if i change the dma setting in nero or clonecd, or windows ?? will it affect hte rest of the programs and make them burn properly?

How to Enable Direct Memory Access (DMA)
read at the bottom of the page under “How to Enable DMA for a CD-ROM”

edit: Oh and yes, it will affect all your burning applications as you set it in windows.

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k woops, posted a new thread,

no worries , i have removed it.

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ok, but is dma in nero, clone cd, or windows somewhere?

If you are using 9x or XP you can follow my little guide here. . It has nice pics. :slight_smile: