Everything looked great till,, Pixelates?

This happens almost every time I make a burn. When viewing my newly burned dvd, about half way thru the movie the picture starts to freeze, jump, etc. I think Iv heard this called pixelate. I see the same type thing happen to my direct tv picture during a hard rain. The only time I get a perfect copy is when Im copying a brand new movie. I use a sony burner dl. 1click and dvd43. I use verbateum blank dual layers. So far I have wasted about 12-15 expensive blank dvd dl. Any ideas???

What is your burn speed? You might want to slow down your burn speed. Also, make sure you have the latest firmware for your burner.

Oh, you can also post your burn log. In order to do so, open 1Click and hit F8. And then copy and paste your log (at least one full session) into your next post.