Everything is so confusing. Please help

I’ve heard this and that about every drive that is worth buying out there, whether it be the TDK 440N, Sony DRU510A, the Pioneer, or any other brand. Price isn’t an issue for me, I just want a nice DVD burner that won’t mess up. Can you give me some unbiased suggestions on which one to go with please. If not, just give your oppinion. I’m so confused with all of the product reviews, they are all mixed up. “It’s great,” and “It sucks,” are in the same product reviews. Help me please. :slight_smile:

When I first got my writer,I saw those same early reviews,one saying the writer sucks,and just below it,another person is saying
it’s the best thing since sex on the beach. You’ll find that even with the reviews on this website,people have varying views on what works for them This is where I just said majority rules and went with the writer you see in my signature. After my initial ignorance in burning DVD’s,coupled with some firmware revisions.i’m now burning my ass off. I say that to say this,do your homework,read everywhere you can about DVD writers ,media and software. Then pick what’s correct for your situation in accordance with price,ease of operation,and looks. I did,and my writers’ a year old on 10/15/03…Good Luck