Everything about spyware

I just posted the article Everything about spyware….

Everything about spyware

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/173-Everything-about-spyware___/](http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/173-Everything-about-spyware___/)

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Realy cool info guy’s. Thanks…:slight_smile:


I think spyware sucks :r thanks for the article :wink:

Hey, Ad-aware is a :7 program. It found some :r spyware on my beloved computer :slight_smile:

THx for the information :slight_smile:

Good show man! I also have web site on spyware: www.infoforce.qc.ca/spyware Cya & thx.

If it doesn’t give clear and conspicuous notice its already illegal in the uk: The Data protection act 1989: Data subjects must be clearly informed about which data is being collected from them and this data may not be passed on without the data subjects express permission :slight_smile:

hai die hai, GOOD post!!!

Thnx, like this article very much Keep up the good work ! :slight_smile:

Yup, good posting. This software shud be given with new PC’s cos most ppl wont know about this sort of thing. Handy program that!

It’s even worse: When you uninstall a spyware program, or buy the official version, the spying program installed with it is STILL active. You have to use ad-aware to erase all spy-traces to run your payed-for-program spyware-free.

Make “backup” in ad-aware before you remove any spy modules, because some programs may stop working after you perform the removal.

One of the first people to “blow the whistle” on spyware was a guy named Steve Gibson of Gibson Research. He’s a Programmer from the days of “Assembly Language” and has a great product to save your butt if you have a bad Hard Drive (Spinrite, but turned his attention to spyware a while back. Check his site at: http://grc.com and his spyware software to “Opt Out” at: http://grc.com/optout.htm Awwwwwsome Dude!!:7 Don’t miss his battle with MS about Security problems with XP! :r

Very informative article. I have Adaware scan my system evertime I boot up. Amazing how many spy files and modules are deleted each week. Great program, highly recomended!

Microsoft’s WebTV (or do they call it “MicrosoftTV” nowadays?) also had spyware. Used to have one, then got a computer. Thanks to the efforts of some WebTV hackers (and me, lol) we managed to expose a lot of WebTV secrets. It took them about 2 years to admit it and offer an option to control it. The thing even logged what your score was when playing Doom. For more info, go to: http://ultrick.tripod.com/privacy/tracking.html http://ultrick.tripod.com/privacy/tvlogs.html There’s more, explore the site for yourself. My name will come up a few times, lol. Ah, the good ole days. Shawn

nice article. can you say more about winamp? Does it use the GUID to obtain cpu usage? why would it need this info? What other kinds of surveillance by winamp? thanks!

this prog rocks aaw.exe… doh…

Speaking of which…How about the little pixel camera which follows me around on your site??:o

Opera is another