Everyone please welcome jm1647, our new LiteOn standalone forum moderator

Congratulations to jm1647, our new Lite-On DVD Recorder and Player Forum moderator.:clap:

He has been very helpful here over the past few months as a regular member, knows the popular LiteOn 5005 DVD recorder inside out and has contributed a lot of work to this forum including various tips & tricks. :slight_smile:

Congrats! :slight_smile:


Great :slight_smile: :slight_smile: jm1647 :flower: :flower:

It’s about time

If my grey matter serves me right ,JM1647 was one of those instrumental in cracking the macrovision/3hr mode problems (the now lengendary checksums) a year or so back. Congrats JM1647 - I think a great choice as moderator.

Congrats! and thanks for your help!!

Congrats jm1647, have fun :clap:

Great choice, congrats JM; so how is the pay ? :slight_smile:
With appreciation for all the help and advice.

Do we get to do any “initiation” type pranks?

Posting in his name and

Suggesting everyone switch back to VHS?

Telling newbies their LiteOn recorders work best with DVD-RAM media?

Reminding everyone that the “All Write” LiteOns require a -R and +R disc be in the drawer at the same time, or else the machine will be out of balance?

Congratulations and welcome aboard!! :iagree:

Aw gee, Sean and everybody, your making me :o :o THANKS !!!

As I have stated in the past - Along the way I have received much help with various things and try to give it back any chance I get.

Oilman - I wish I could take credit for the hacks but it wasn’t me.
thrunner - no $$$ but the “Congrats & Thanks” are worth a million $.

Congrats jm1647. :slight_smile:

hey JM,
congrats from sunny italy as well…

haven’t been much of a regular lately but yr tips & tricks are always welcome!

so keep’em coming… :slight_smile:


personal thanks for your support on this forum