Everyone please welcome imkidd57, our new Philips standalone forum moderator!

Congratulations to our new Philips DVD Recorder and Player forum moderator, imkidd57. :clap:

Since early this year, he has contributed quite a lot of work to this form and has been very helpful all this time as a regular member, including answering user’s questions as well as dealing with user’s issues. He knows quite a lot about Philips DVD recorders, not to mention standalone DVD recorders in general also. :iagree:

Congratulations imkidd57. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard imkidd57 :clap: :clap:

Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome. I feel as though I should make an inaugural speech: but don’t worry… it’s not that strong a feeling. :bigsmile:

I will say this, however - having cut my teeth on the old DVDplusRW forum, I’d like to duly acknowledge the senior members there for their influence in building any knowledge I might possess. Anyone that wants their CDF post count pushed up, just PM me. :wink:

I’m also grateful to CD Freaks Management, especially DoMiN8ToR, for picking up the old forum, resurrecting it as a static reference database, and investing the time and effort over the last few months in creating a new fledgling forum here. Latterly, I’m especially grateful to Seán for advice on specialist forum matters.

Some parts of the old DVDplusRW are probably better now dealt with elsewhere in CD Freaks, but it’s great that we have a new Philips DVDR area (and a wider +RW subforum) to act as a focal reference point for users. I hope we can continue the theme of objectivity when discussing Philips DVDRs, and it will certainly be my main aim as moderator to ensure that. We definitely have to have fun in getting to grips with the new Philips machines, but not at the expense of providing reliable and coherent information. Owners of legacy Philips DVDRs should be able to seek helpful advice and information on problems they might encounter with their units, rather than, for example, be told that it was a mistake to buy such a thing in the first place.

Anyway, that’s turning into more of a manifesto than a speech. Let’s move on to some more nebulous and superficial issues - roll on the introduction of the world’s first 5.1 channel DVD recorder!

Anyone else NOT holding their breath?

:clap: Congrats imkidd57 and “Welcome to the standalone neighborhood” :bow: I’m a neighbor in the LiteOn Forum here. I hope I left some coat tails on Sean for you to pull on if need be, I mighta ripped them off :bigsmile:

Congratulations imkidd57

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks guys:

jm; I’ll pass by the LiteOn forum asap and have a look. There’s some HDD upgrade issues I’d like to check out.

Geno; see you soon - those acronyms are a-calling!

Welcome on board imkidd57!

Congratulations, too. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: