Everyone can wish me a happy birthday here

Today, February 7th, is my birthday. I’m am now a quarter century old.

Congratulations kiddo :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

Happy B day!!!.. may a super freak stripper pop out of your cake

Happy Birtday 100:10100

Happy birthday 100:10100

happy birthday, yesterday was mine but im older than you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday to you too then, Norty!

happy bday 100:10100 and happy belated Norty!

mines comin’ up in a couple weeks :hint hint: :wink:

Happy birthday mate.
Thankfully my 29th is still a few months off…

Happy birthday to both of you :wink:

Happy Birthday grandpa :bigsmile: .


Happy Birthday…

Happy Birthday!:slight_smile:

So what did ya get for pressies???

Happy birthday for the both of you.

What did you both get for presents??

Chocolates, money, and taken out for dinner:)oh and of course nookie:p

Naughty girl. :wink:

Happy belated Birthday Norty :smiley: