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I just got Nero 6.0. To make a DVD that I can watch on an average older home type DVD player what do I use?

Nero Digital AUDIO DVD

To further complicate things for myself, I want to make an .avi file into a home type DVD. What is the process? I am new to all this and have not had a great deal of luck.



Some DVD players like +R media, and some prefer -R media. Some like RW media, and some do not. If you go to www.videohelp.com, there is a section on DVD Players, which shows most makes and models, and which media(s) it works well with.

Then you need to make sure that your DVD burner will burn that type of media. The most supported format for dvd playback is mpeg2. Some DVD players will play other formats such as VR. Then there are the xvid and divx formats which are a highly compressed format.

See if your dvd burner supports bitsetting. If it does, you want to use +r dvd’s, and bitset them to -ROM.

Your Nero program (if it is full version), should be capable of converting an AVI file to mpeg2. If not, you can find a variety of free programs at www.videohelp.com.

Just to add to harley2ride’s info:
If you have the ful package of Nero 6 - and even in some bundle versions, depending on supplier - look for an application named “Nero Vision” or "Nero Vision Express"
This one will allow you to author a DVD-video you can play via your home player, including with menus.
DVD-video is made from DVD compatible Mpeg2 files but the end files will have the “VOB” extension, but if you author the DVD it doesn’t matter to you.
As your files are .avi (s) you need a package that makes the encoding.
If your version of Nero is a limited one and your player is compatible to the format on CD, you can also produce a VCD (lower quality than DVD as it uses Mpeg1 convention).

It can happen your player can play isolated files in dif file formats: Mpeg1, Mpeg2, DviX. You need to encode to those formats before you can use them, as I doubt it will handle .avi files from a camera.
In case you have problems, follow the link indicated by harley2ride.

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