Everybody chicken?

Man , two sites in a row closed .
Are they now all getting affraid form the authorities ???
So long cdfreaks doesn’t close …
NOW THAT would be a shame !!!

Bottom line is that those sites where providing ‘illegal’ information. As for CD Freaks, shit-nothing is illegal here. So they have no reason to shut it down. Yay!

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by FlipMo:
… As for CD Freaks, shit-nothing is illegal here… So they have no reason to shut it down. Yay!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

As long as you keep that dream, we have nothing to worry i guess

like twilight isn’t illegal…

FlipMo: why don’t you think that CDFreaks is illegal??? OF COURSE CDFreaks is somewhat illegal…providing serials and other info on warez CDs, like RNG pointed out.

Oh yeah, forgot about those damn serials.
As for Twilights and so forth, you don’t supply them or anything, all we there is to find here is pretty much… information. And we all know the drill on the good old “information ain’t illegal Auntie Edna!”. All the links to dealers are clearly ‘disclaimed’, what goes on in the forum can perhaps be considered illegal as we have seen before on TL-Zone for example… I hereby declare that CD Freaks is illegal to some extent. But who the hell cares? (Except the obvious authorities…)

if CD Freaks wasn’t illegal, it wouldn’t be any fun. and my opinion about the two sites that closed is this: dividezero closed partialy because he couldn’t keep up with the site, and moviezz.net closed for the anti-piracy reason. keeping up a warez site is actually pretty much work, and you don’t even get paid anything for it, so you really gotta love the “scene” to keep it up.

i think that it’s safe to say that if CD Freaks hasn’t closed yet, it probably won’t close for a little bit, at least. and even if CD Freaks ever did close, it could be restarted under a different name or something. but we shouldn’t have to worry about that, i hope…

I agree, the Moviezz.net shut down was of course for obvious reasons, all of the warez sites go down once and a while, but they seem to be eager to get it up and running again soon. DivideZero’s site was great a certainly packed with goodies, and of course quite a bit to hold on to. And since Divide most likely has a life, no one should be suprised if he wants to let the site go, hey I don’t hold it against him for a sec.

cdfreaks doesn’t post these serials…ubb users do it…

cd freaks doesnt post anything illegal, inly people that sign up for it do. Kind of like napster. All the guys in charge do is link people together.

P.S please answer my question. Its called “ISO extracting”