Every video DVD I burn is a coaster!

When I started backing up my DVDs (AnyDvd, CloneDvd) everything worked fine. When I tried converting AVIs and DIVX to DVD they glitched beyond viewing. But now, no matter what I do, every video DVD I burn plays for 10-12 mins. and then glitches and freezes. I’ve tried direct backup (AnyDVD, CloneDVD), ripping them to ISOs then burning, ripping them to VOBs then burning… nothing works. The ISOs that I rip mount and play fine on the comp. but glitch when I burn them. I’ve used a DVD cleaner but that didn’t help. I’ve tried using AnyDVD + CloneDVD, Nero 7 Ultra, Nero 6 Ultra, VSOs Divxtodvd, and TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress. Nothing works. I’m running a AMD 1.8g processor, 1.5 gigs of RAM, a 4KUS burner, and a BFG Geforce6200. PLEASE! I’ve made so many coasters…they’re everywhere. :sad:

“4KUS burner” ? :confused: Never heard of this one.

What you don’t mention are the discs used (brand, mediacode, rated speed…). The vast majority of reading issues come from the burning quality, which depends both on the quality of the burner, the quality of the discs and the burner/disc combination… :wink:

And there are LOTS of ultra-low quality DVDRs out there. :doh:

I had the same problem burned media at 8x but was rated for 16 or 12. played for 20 min then skipped. I changed brands of dvds to taiyo yuden 16x -R burn grerat at 16 and even better at 8x. also make sure to buy from reputable dealers I have bought ty’s that i would not even use as a coster they were so bad

I’m using CompUSA DVD+R 4x. They may not be the best quality but they were $20 for 100. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I’d give them a try. Like I said they worked fine at first. I don’t know what happened. I’ll try some better quality discs to see if that works. But if anyone else has a suggestion let me know! Thanks. Also I think I’m going to get a BenQ 1640.

You cn use dvd identifier to read the media code and tell what kind of disks they really are, but compusa is notorious for using really crappy media (and yes that can cause burn after burn to sit there and fail).

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This quote is probably your fundamental coaster problem: :frowning:

“…They may not be the best quality but they were $20 for 100 …” You didn’t save anything! :disagree: Exercise your frugality when you go food shopping. But if you want good burns, and disks that won’t disintegrate in a year, buy good media.

  1. It’s not the money, it’s the quality. Real TY, Sony and a few others are top notch. Skip the office supply store brands or Memorex or Maxell crap. Buy from a company that makes it’s own media rather than farming out the manufacturing to the lowest bidder and putting their label on it. Find what your burner likes and standardize on it (and check often for firmware updates for your burner). Why fool around with identifiers and media codes etc. just buy good stuff.

  2. Slow down your rip speed especially with lightly flawed or scratched originals. Resurface a really scratched or pitted original with a Digital Innovations “AutoMax” disk repair system. ($39) :iagree: It is the only amateur resufacing kit that works. And forget all the well meaning suggestions to use brasso, coconut oil, toothpaste or KY jelly on flawed or scratched originals!

  3. Slow down your burns to 4X or 6X. :iagree:

  4. Turn off all AntiVirus and similar utilities and screen savers. :iagree:

  5. Don’t use your computer for anything during a backup. Don’t even touch the mouse. :disagree:

If your not getting working backups after the above, you’ve go a system conflict or a hardware problem. Never heard of a 4KUS burner; that BenQ you metioned is great. And you could not have chosen a better combination than CloneDVD and AnyDVD… glad to see you didn’t skimp there! :clap: Check often for the latest updates on those programs.

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That’s “short”… LOL :bigsmile: - mostly good recommendations when things go wrong.

“Not even your mouse”… uh…; this sounds a bit exaggerated.

It may be that your firmware does not recognize the media you have used and therefore cannot burn it correctly. You do not mention what model 4KUS you have but you can check here for new firmware:
It maybe is a Liteon drive and you can flash it with a Liteon firmware. See here:
Of course, better media as suggested above will surely improve your burns.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’m going to go check out some TY discs and probably get that BenQ. You guys are fast. On some forums people never get answers. CDFreaks is good. :smiley: