Every disk is the wrong kind of disk?

If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Let me share this little story to illustrate how very much help it would be. My 14 year old daughter is a little bit of an over-achiever and very competative so when she was given the class assignment that she would need to give a speech with a visual, and realized that most kids would be doing posters, she volunteered to do a music accompanied slide show on dvd to go along with her presentation. This didn’t happen to be something I had ever done before.

My husband had purchased a new lightscribe cd/dvd burner that came with Nero software. I managed to find my way through the program to build a slideshow of collages that we spent 3 days piecing together in photoshop, and plugged in her music and it played beautifully and just like we wanted it to.

We followed the prompts and buttons to burn it. When we reached the end, a message came back saying that we had inserted the wrong type of disk and to please insert the right kind of disk and retry. This was true with blank Dvds as well as blank cds. So I wonder, what is the right disk? Is there some sort of formatting I dont know about? What happened and what can I do to fix it and get this project from my computer to the dvd player in her classroom? Please HELP.


Please tell me the brand and type of media you have tried.
Also the size of the file.

I am at work now and will have to look at the brands when I get home. They are new products to me and I cannot recall. It truly was the first time I have tried to burn anything with any product. The media is just jpeg collages that we cut and pasted and put together in photoshop and a music track/file. I’ll post the info when I get home.

Sounds like that file should fit on one blank CD with out a problem. Since the burner is new did you use it to record anything else? What is you OS? XP? Will the school’s DVD player play video CDs?

I have windows xp…no I have not recorded anything else. I really am feeling quite computer illiterate as I really have no clue what you mean by OS and XP.

OS = operating system; XP = Windows XP. We are here to help.
You need to find out if your new burner is able to burn anything.
a new lightscribe cd/dvd burner that came with Nero software what is the make and model?
You should to a test burn to a CD-RW, simply using windows XP copy to CD if that works OK then we can look into the problem Nero has burning you project.
HAVE HOPE :wink:

Sounds easy enough. I will try to burn a cd or something when I get home. Like I said, I am at work now so there is not much I can do. I am very happy to have found this group though. I can post more info when I have it, and if you are not on then perhaps someone else will be around. Thank you for trying to help. I wish I had thought to bring some info with me but looking for support online tonight was sort of an afterthought. I work a graveyard shift so I have another 6 hours or so before I can try anything with the burner.

Many of my former students did projects like this using Microsoft PowerPoint then burning to CDs using XP copy to CD.
In the future it would be a good idea to test everything (hardware and software) before spending time and effort on a project then searching for an answer to a problem.
Some rewritable CDs and DVDs also a good idea so you can test with no loss.
If you school has a Computer Teacher it would be a good idea to check with that person to find out what is suggested to play on the schools equipment.

nevermind. ignore this post!

ok, I am probably posting in the wrong subgroup…but since I started here…I made it home and I am using a Samsung Super-Writemaster and the software that came with it, Nero suite: nero express 6, InCD4, nero vision express, nero showtime, nero back up, and nero recode.

When I hit the button to burn a project consisting of a slideshow of jpg images and a music track/file, I get a message that I am using the wrong kind of disk. I am using Memorex LightScribe DVD+R media version 1.2

any thoughts?

did you read this? http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=219462
Not that your problem is the same. Post your results of a test burn.