Every burning program I start Win2000 restarts

This is becoming a huuuuuge hassle. :a I have a cd burner, and it came with Nero recording software. Now Nero works like shit, I’m looking for direct copies of Audio CDs since I’m tired of hauling them around in my truck.

Anyways I have 2 problems. The most major issue is everytime I start a CD Recording type of software, my computer just restarts. I’ve tried NTI Cd Maker Pro, Feurio, IsoBuster, and EAC. Nothing works except for Nero. Which is really starting to infuriate me.

Now my problem with Nero. It runs, but everytime I try to burn a direct copy of an audio cd it gets to like 5 or 10% and just stops, the CD keeps burning. But the bar stops and refuses to let me abort the burn even though it’s been burning for atleast 2 hours going @ 16x. I’m guessing the problem is copyright protection, though I’d like someone to verify this for me. I can’t get a log because the CD never finishes copying and I’m forced to restart.

This is really upsetting me because I’ve got a burner that is essentially a paperweight and is useless. Hopefully someone has some sort of clue as to what is going on…

Download A-Ray scanner and scan the cd see if it is in fact protected.

Found the problem it was old ASPI drivers. Reason it worked with Nero was because Nero had some really old drivers that were only compatible with it or something close to that. Anyways thanks for the A-Ray Scanner they’re not copyrighted…