Everio media browser HD

I recently returned from a trip overseas with hundreds of pictures and about a dozen videos on my JVC camcorder. I have used Everio Media Browser HD to caption the pictures and videos. Now I want to make up a slide show of pictures and videos to show friends and family. I can see how to drag and click videos to create a disc but not how to order a combination of pictures and videos. I do not want to create a disc but just a new folder with some of the pictures and videos in a prearranged order. The online manual is not very clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Rudy

If you have a Windows 7 operating system on your computer i suggest using the Windows Live Movie Maker. It’s free, pretty easy and can handle the MTS files your camcorder is likely to produce.

I have windows xp on my machine. I was hoping that the Evirio program has a way to create a folder with both video and still images. I will look up the program you mentioned. thank you for your timely response.