Ever Take A Polygraph Test?

Before I tell my polygraph experience, I’d like to hear of others and their opinions or experiences.

Yes, I had one many years ago as part of a job interview process. It was fairly boring. Didn’t get the job, but not because of the polygraph.

I failed the word association test. They said I was too creative with my answers. :frowning:

Never had one.
Bell Helicopter did a fairly extensive hearing test in their job interveiw.
I think it was in the second phase but it’s been a long time.

Do not have to. I have always told the truth and nothing but the truth.

If you do not believe me ask me I will tell you My truth.

I took one as part of a job interview; it was standard proceedure. I told the truth, but that damned machine said I was lying. It really sucks losing a job because of a mechanical false witness.

Since then, I have realized that there are TWO ways to beat a polygraph: by lying and by telling the truth. There is a reason polygraphs are not allowed in a court of law: they are faulty.

You see, just as extremely dishonest people, with no conscience, can lie and make it think they are telling the truth, extremely honest people, with a strong conscience, can tell the truth and make it think they are lying. This is due to a stronger internal system of checks and balances.

It appears that, in an honest person, anything they have had problems with in the past, even though they have been conquored and corrected long ago, still snags an honest person up in a polygraph test. Heck, as a kid, I was a little pyro-maniac. Now, I have a healthy respect for fire and don’t even like having a bottle of alcohol in my house. BUT, if you put me on a polygraph and ask me about some recent fire somewhere (even if it were impossible for me to have been there), that machine would say I’m lying, and it would then be wrongly assumed that I “must have done it” (then I’d get arrested).

People’s blind, ignorant acceptance that polygraph tests are accurate has led to a police state where they can and will charge and arrest you on the testimony of a faulty machine. To make it worse, there is a general blind assumption that, by refusing to take a polygraph test, “you must be guilty of something”. WRONG.

Never take a polygraph test at the request of any law enforcment. agency. Never. They often abuse that faulty machine and use it to charge innocent people and jail them. They can not force you to take one, nor is it any kind of admission of guilt to refuse one (they will try to make you think it is). Even if you have done nothing, they will jail you and mess up your life and record forever.

People’s blind assumption that polygraph tests are true has also led to a flood of notable false witnesses on TV. Among them, you will find (the notorious) Maurey Povitch, John Walsh and Nancy Grace (that former JUDGE should know better). People like this, who take such a flimsy testimony as fact, have no real interest in the TRUTH at all. They are more interested in sensationalism and such; truth is irrelevent.

Anyone who takes the word of a polygraph test is a liar and false witness.

“These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren”. Proverbs 6:16-19

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”. Exodus 20:16 (remember that one?)

I’ve only seen it on TV but they sure do play up the police trying to make a suspect feel guilty if they refuse to take a lie detector test.
The same wat TV prosecutors manage to bring that up in court only to have it objected to & the objection upheld. Planting it in the minds of the jury . Many who will remember it & assume it points to guilt. A lie detector is just a machine that measures body responses to whatever stimuli is in the environment the test is done in. So can certainly be picking up false positives.
The other thing I see on TV is if a suspect being questioned asks for an attorney .
The police questioner almost always does a form of : “Why do you need an attorney if your not guilty ?” , Maybe because the suspect is innocent & wants to stay that way.

When I was in the army I was stationed in Panama and one of our jobs was to guard the canal locks.So every so often we would practice setting up a perimeter around a lock.Well at night we would have to stack our weapons and set a guard .Well some time during the night a M-60 machine gun disappeared and also a Russian ship went through the lock that night and some of them ships only have 5 or so feet between the ship and the side of the lock wall.
Well what happened was a young soldier was pissed at another service guy so to get back at him he threw the guys weapon into the water of the lock,well the higher ups thought we sold it to the Russians when their ship went through during the night. I had radio watch that night and they wanted me to take a lie detector test and a buddy of mind already failed the test because he was so nervous and I was next ,well the kid that did it admitted the whole deal so I didn’t have to go through it.
So what I think of a lie detector test is their unreliable,it depends on the person taking the test.


Polygraph test for a job interview? It sounds plain stupid to me – or perhaps the companies are in total lack of human brainpower (leadership).
Well, I’m working for an American company, so I really shouldn’t be surprised, AT ALL.

Now ! the Lord himself has never exposed his presence to me, and nor has his unholy affiliated from beneath, so I guess I’m alone fighting for common sense, again.

YEARS ago, as part of maintaining a security clearance.

I used to work in places where you had to sign non-disclosure agreements in your own blood before you could get inside the building for the “interview”.

And you had to promise not to visit any “East bloc” countries or even any countries that BORDERED on them for 25 years…

“interesting” work


Mine was for Eckerd Drugs photo processing shop. To be honest, I don’t care to work for anyone who is that paranoid and distrusting.

The main problem with the Polygraph is that it detects not a lie, but the reactions of the body (heart rate, blood pressure, sweeting, pupil movement etc.) to a certain question. So, it is wrongly called “lie detector”. As was trully stated here, the Polygraph’s proper usage depends on the “specialist” behind it. According to the protocol after the questions to determine the “base line”, questions should be posed in group of tens. When the “specialist behind it” sees an alteration from the “base line”, he/she has to stop the questions. This is the point when professionalism comes into the picture. He/she has to initiate a talk to shed some light on the possible reasons. After that he/she has to work out another group of questions (10 again), but dealing with, relating only to the topic to which you have reacted. They call it “going deeper”.
Why is it necessary? Because you might react for different reasons. Would take long to explain.
Another important aspect is the (di)stress that you experience tied to a machine, not allowed to move, concentrating on answering and avoiding replies other than “yes” or “no”.
That is why the results of a Polygraph test can’t be considered even as circumstantional evidence in many countries/states.

The main problem with a Polygraph is that people are stupid enough to believe in it. It does real damage. Since they are always looking for the next sensation in “reality” TV, they should do some shows exposing that farce.

[QUOTE=Gaarry;2706625]The main problem with a Polygraph is that people are stupid enough to believe in it. It does real damage. Since they are always looking for the next sensation in “reality” TV, they should do some shows exposing that farce.[/QUOTE]

Gaary, beleive me I know what were you talking about in your earlier post.
And I fully agree with you.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2706120]I failed the word association test. They said I was too creative with my answers. :([/QUOTE]

LOL, only uncreative people need apply!!

I’d take that result as a veiled compliment if I were you. :bigsmile:


Yes I have [B]BEEEEEEEEP[/B] OK, I haven’t. :stuck_out_tongue:



i date a few cops and highway patrol officers…:rolleyes: most of them lived it…24/7 so on occasion…i would be asked …just for fun to take one…:iagree:

when i did tell the truth…it said i was lying…when i lied it said i was telling the truth…but …after learning how to breath and speak calmly…i could pass it every time…:):wink: