Ever seen something like this ? (3.8 GB DL disc)

:eek: :confused:
It’s a DVD with the movie Idiocracy. This resource wasting quite fits the movie’s theme…

Looks like a image on a graphing calulator in HS math class :bigsmile:

Wow, that is quite dumb to put that on DL :eek:

perhaps a marketing thing (idiocracy=idiots xD)

That made my day , LOL :bigsmile:

Is this the retail?

Really weird stuff…

Maybe they use a pressing facility that no longer does SL work?

It was rented, but it could be the same as the retail version. The disc was locked for regions 2 and 5

8 cm or 12 cm size? For 8 cm is ok, but for normal size is …

Then again 8 cm SLs are 1.4 GB so this would be something about 10 cm size…?