Ever seen a Loopback-S-ATA setup? Check it out HERE!

just found this one on the web…

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It’s a security configuration. In this way data can’t escape from computer :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

I think that doubles the speed of the controller, and since there are 2 loops, it would quadruple the speed. :wink:

you should always remind to make sure your CPU is cooled enough if you want to use quad-SATA-speed!
so, you should use thermal heatsink paste!

Laughs so hard he has to run for the toilet

Nothing wrong with it. :rolleyes:


Ok, now that I’m done laughing, I think I’ll try to ask WTF??? What the %&^* did that doofis hope to accomplish with that?!?!?! Where did you find that, and did it fry anything?!?!?! That has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, next to the AMD chip slathered in heatsink goop!!! You have to wonder about the future of the human race when they do stuff like that! :rolleyes:


Surely they think this is a way to avoid DATA LOSS.

lol… I would actually like to see the POST screen so it says…

AMIBIOS V. OH MY GOD N00B u sux0r roflamo!!!111one

I also like that chip one where its everywhere except where needed!

RTFM! lol

Maybe a thread for Living Room.

Try here

  1. Obviously troubleshooting, you know, pinging his HD & someone told him to try a loopback test :wink:

  2. More of a good thing is a great thing, right? :slight_smile:

one more…
just remind, the loopback-hdd requires extra power!

:eek: what do ppl think what the jumper pins are for? :doh:

Maybe related :slight_smile:

ppl who do stuff like this are real PEBKAC’s!
i can’t understand those ppl - everybody thinks he can built a computer-system by himself, just because he can hold a screw-driver in his hand and the single components are free to buy everywhere.
where would we be if everybody would build his own car that way… :wink:

Computers are different to cars.
If it can fit in, it’s supposed to.

Rule 1) Things don’t need to connect to themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Darwin might be able to do his job if we let people like that build their own cars! Unfortunately, the stupid people would probably kill a lot of smart people in the process. I personally think you should have to assemble your own car before you can drive! I think cars should come in a box, and they give you a book that tells you how to assemble it! When you put your car together, pass tests on troubleshooting, maintainence, principles of operation and driving, you can drive after a road test! That sure would eliminate all the RETARDS on the road. There aren’t a lot of people that could do that, and there are a lot of people driving that shouldn’t be! Then you have those that try to assemble their own car, and it’s a rolling DEATH TRAP!! They think it’s a bad ass race car too, but it leaves more oil stains on the road than peel marks! I’ve seen a few of those cars, and they wonder why they get faulty equipment tickets! I knew one doofis that actually tried to put trans fluid in his master cylinder! I should have let him do it, it would have probably saved him a lot of pain! His brakes leaked fluid out of the rubber hose that connected the rear axle to the steel line that went up front. When he changed the rear axle, he allowed it to hang by the rubber hose! He always had to put brake fluid in it, and one day he ran out, and all he had was trans fluid! Trans fluid will RUIN all the rubber seals, and swell the brake hoses shut! At least his brakes would have gone out gradually instead of all at once like they did a week later! He ended up hitting a tree @ 45 MPH because the brake hose to the rear burst the rest of the way!!! He lived, but he spent a week in the hospital. Broke 4 ribs, and was picking glass out of his face for a year after that! I’m just glad that didn’t kill anybody or hurt anybody else but him! :rolleyes:

Now why in the hell would you EVER think the power plug goes to the jumper block on a hard drive?!?! That drive probably let all the smoke out, and that dude was scratching his head wondering what happened. Just think, those doofises that cover the AMD chips in heatsink goop probably tried to RMA them. I bet that retard returned that hard drive too. People are getting dumber by the minute, you have to wonder how anybody could POSSIBLY be that STUPID. People are not sheep, you’re giving them too much credit. At least sheep follow what the others do. People get braindead ideas like theese, and screw stuff up!!!

BAaAaAaAaA!!! BAaAaAaAaA!!!

It’s obvious he’s using a SATA 4 chipset:p That cpu is disgusting

I’m wondering how bad such a SATA “configuration” would be for the system. I would say that in case it would be harmfull the guys from SATA-standard would have designed the SATA cable with two different connectors (like A/B USB cables). Is there anyone who knows?