Ever meet a famous person? tell us who and how

i met vince carter,nba player, in paterson catholic high school in nj before he played in the nba, it was actually the summer he got drafted, he was playin at a benefit for tim thomas’s high school, and when he came off the court he came at sat next to me and he accidentally stepped on my foot and he said he was sorry, HE SAID SORRY TO ME! lol

Always had this fascination about famous people. It is not that I want to be like them or that I would go crazy when running into one, but what fascinates me is what they like to do when there are no cameras.

People who have become famous for whatever reason are still human beings like you and me (well, you anyways :bigsmile: ). I would like to meet up with several of those people and just hang out with them, have a drink in the bar, go sightseeing, watch a movie or play pool. I would like to get to know them away from the cameras, see what they really are like, rather than the image that is presented to us by their managements and the media.

The above is because when you look at people presented in the media (tabloids, the role they play in series or movies) is so different from when you see them in a documentary or a casual interview. The truth must be something in between.

But to get back at your question, it depends on what you define as famous. Famous as in known to the whole world, no I have not met anyone like that; famous as in well known here in the Netherlands, yes I have (a friend of mine got well known because of some injustice in Greece, got me on national TV as well…briefly)

But all in all, these people who are in the public eye and therefore are often thoughth of as public possession, they are human and thus are no different from the rest of us.

ps The most famous people I have met are of course Domin8tor and MP|3 :wink:

Well, I saw myself in the mirror this morning. “Well met” I said :smiley:

Well, I never actually met any famous person as in I never actually talked to them but I see plenty walking around the streets. A week or so ago I saw Lenny Kravitz getting into a taxi. There are a bunch of tv stars walking the streets of manhattan. Some walk their dogs while others just stroll around central park. Almost makes them human. :wink:

I met someone off Corination Street (a soap).

I once met that hooker who gave Hugh Grant a blowjob.

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I once met that hooker who gave Hugh Grant a blowjob.

You were that hooker? (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

We have seen some local “celebs” on the streets in Leuven when going out. They are usually more drunk than we are :slight_smile: But no international celebs yet (Rammstein was visiting my fav pub after their show, but I missed them :frowning: ) Oh yea, saw Nick Cave once, in a glimp :wink:

Well I ran into Jan Veen (quite a famous Dutch piano player) three times already, when shopping in a city called Zwolle (he lives there and always hangs round in the centre).

Today I kinda met Ilse de Lange (well, I was standing a couple of cm from her; she was in her car) :wink:

Furthermore… ehh… well that’s about it.

My friend’s father met Henry Rollins once (although he didn’t know who H.R. was by that time)… but that’s not me :frowning:

James Stweart
Gene Hackman
Keith Carradine
Da Taxman

The Queen of the Netherlands , but never spoke to her in person.

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Da Taxman

Can’t remember we met though?

Ronald and Frank de Boer (Dutch Soccer Players) and Youp van 't Hek (Dutch cabaretier).

i once met martina colombari, an italian… well, nothing actually, but she’s sweet :bigsmile: :cool:

seriously, she’d been married with albertini (a.c. milan player) and tomba (you know, ski-er…)

I’ve met a few famous people, John Conteh (Boxer from a while back), Paul McCartney, and a lot of other musicians as I worked in The Cavern in Liverpool and so got to meet all of the entertainers before and after the gigs they did.

Ow, I forgot; Ann Van Elsen & Tania Dexters (Belgian Miss’s) come quite often in one of my fav pubs. Harry Vanbarneveld (Belgian Judo) too, man that guy can drink.:bow:

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I once met that hooker who gave Hugh Grant a blowjob.

,and she told you this when you ask her if she had any good reference ? ,and if she “done” Hugh the she must be good enough for you ore ? :wink:

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Gene Hackman

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

The band called the LondonChoir boys(in a record store)
John Kay from Steppenwolf(backstage at a benefit performance), The band Scatterbrain(they were having a few beers sitting next to my friend and I at this little club, the drummer kept calling my friend a pussy because he wouldnt drink the whole pitcher of beer in one long swig.went to see them), Tommy Alderidge(used to be one of Ozzy Osbourners drummers, and he played for Black Oak Arkansas and Dio (drum clinic with my brother). Back when I was in the navy there was a summer concert tour that was called Monsters of Metal, where a lot of the navy people got to work security at the concert in Philadelphia(I was one of the lucky ones!!), where Metallica, Van Halen, the Scorpions, Dokken, and Kingdom Come played(this was like 1988) I was only backstage when Metallica, Van Halen were on. We were rotated through the stadium constanly. I was less than 5 feet from Metallica and VH.

and Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from Kiss I got autographs backstage from a benefit show.

I used to go a LOT of concerts when I was younger!!

oo i forgot, i also met rage against the machine, i have a few autographs from them, 2 of them were face to face autographs