Ever heard of optical Quantum

Did someone ever tried these media
DVD-R 8X Water resistant Optical Quantum
MID TYG02 , Blankmedia are selling them in 50 cake box
Sorry for my english.

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Do they have a web site?

Didn’t MegaDETH or someone get some of these discs?

I’ll try and dig up the thread :slight_smile:

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ahhhhhh now i remember. Thank you Arachne :clap:

Hehe no probs, I only chipped in 'cos I remembered the thread (thought MegaDETH started it though :doh: ).


Thanks I appreciate your quick answers.

Nope Arachne it was just little ol’ me that started the thread and to answer
the question Big Burn had yes I’ve most defiantly tried them and wish I’d have
never seen or heard of them. They were the worst disc’s I’ve ever seen before
they just wouldn’t do a good burn at any speed. The disc’s had little specks/flecks
all in the dye all through out the disc and it was even worse at the outer edge of the
disc. The [U][B]4 [/B][/U] disc’s that I did manage to get completely burned out of the [U][B]16 [/B][/U] disc’s that
I tried to burn [B](that’s a 75% failure rate folks) [/B] that was half-way readable printed really
pretty and was mostly water proofed but they still smudged a little when rubbed with a paper
towel. As for the last 34 disc’s on the spindle I just threw them in the garbage can and made
myself a promise to never,never,ever buy any more Optical Quantum disc’s. :a

Too bad when i read your reply i had already order them. I did my first burn today
with my pio 111D crosflash to 111L 8.29 and it not that bad. I scanned it with both
DVD info pro and cd-dvd speed and it gave me a 95% score ,but that’s only one burn.
Burned at 12x.
Can someone tell me how to post a scan please Inever did it.