Ever heard of LiteOn DD-110 Recorder?

Has anyone ever heard of the LiteOn DD-110 stand alone home DVD Recorder?

There selling it in Tesco in the UK for £70 but cant find anything about it/reviews on the net.

Just wondering if its going to be any good?

I think it is UK only, DVD+R/RW only, compact style. Like many models Mono tuner, weak DVD Drive, and no working hack for MV. Unless you just want to try it and are ready to return it with no problems, I would avoid it.

No Divx Playback either.

i’m sure it also copies to DVD-R/RW

region free hack is

  1. Enter set up on remote
  2. Scroll down and highlight ‘exit’
  3. While exit is highlighted enter 2,9,6,0
  4. Press enter
  5. A hidden menu pops up and you can select any region or “Region Free” option.
  6. For exit press “Setup” button again.

@ CCRomeo, if he runs the firmware through mr wizards hacking tool, will that not patch the MV ?

But it does say Mpeg4 so i dont know how well it will play back Divx / Xvid as its not Divx Certified. IT may use a different chipset than their other Divx Recorders / Players.

The Tesco machine seems fine. I bought one last week and its both very quiet and quite fast in operation. It also plays DivX files as well as ordinary Mpeg extentions files very well. At 67.95 I’m pretty impressed and if i can get a years usage out it I’ll be happy!!

What about Xvid does it play?