Ever heard of having to INCREASE burn speed?

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Disclaimer: I searched Google and numerous sites for an answer to the following question (no answer found), so I sincerely apologize if this issue has been addressed before.

Now, with that said, I think I have actually solved my problem but not in a way that I thought would work. I’ve been using Fuji (Ritek) CD-R media for months without any issues burning at 16x. I like to burn as slowly as possible and with Roxio Creator 9, 16x is the slowest (at least for my burner which is a recent Samsung model). Anyhoo, I couldn’t find the same Fuji’s at Fry’s last time so I got some Sony CD-Rs (not sure the manufacturer yet). The first 5 CDs in a row burned successfully, but I noticed a lot of weird crackling background noise/interference during playback on all CD players, including my PC. The noise is an intermittent “ch-ch-ch-ch” type of sound, if that makes any sense. I experimented a little with no success, and then as a last resort I raised the burn spreed from 16x to 48x. The next 5 discs have played back perfectly and I’ve noticed that although the target burn speed is 48x, the actual burn speed is approx 20x-30x. So my question to all of you is, has anyone heard of having to solve this problem by increasing burn speed? I always thought it was the other way around.



Wouldn’t you know it, it looks like my question has already been addressed in the “Did you know: Slow write speeds + modern drives + modern media = no good” sticky thread. I guess you guys put it there for a reason. :o

P.S. - Great work on that sticky, Albert! It helped me out so much. For the past ~9 years I’ve been thinking that burning slower is always better (I guess that has changed in recent years, which is why it’s now considered a myth). Your explanations were logical and very easy to comprehend. I for one can back that post up as very valuable, factual information. For me personally, it was the best sticky that I’ve ever come accross (most helpful to me anyway). :clap:

Does increasing burn speed for CD-R above 16x sometimes improve burn quality? Yes, but most of the time burn quality is best around 16x or 24x with current burners.

Unfortunately, there are no currently produced non-professional drives that will perform Disc Quality scan with enough information about burned CD-R media - especially the lack of jitter information in such scans is problematic IMO, since there’s a huge difference in jitter between good and bad burns/burners.

16x is very often (but not always) the best burn speed for CD-R media, since it’s the fastest burn speed that is constant across the disc (CLV) and this usually results in the lowest jitter.

I have found that on my Pioneer DVD burners, 24x is the sweet spot, with possibility of some serious jitter problems when burning some CD-R media faster than 24x.

There have been reports of some DVD burners being very poor at burning CD-R media below the maximum burn speed; I’m guessing this is the result of almost no testing being done for CD-R media being burned at less than maximum speed in those DVD burners.

The best thing you can do is really to test your own media and burners as you have done.

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I do have a case here, with Verbatim AZO CD-Rs in a NEC 3540, where I had to burn @40X to get the best results jitter-wise. Slower burning speeds couldn’t compete, with much higher jitter (as reported by Benq/Nexperia, that is).

That’s a peculiarity, since for most of my CDR media/burner combinations, I found better jitter results at slower burning speeds (@8X to @24X, depending on the burner). Like Drage, I found my current drives also generally give their best at around @24X CDR burning.

As a sidenote, I also found that pure CLV burning (as opposed to Z-CLV) and pure CAV burning (as opposed to P-CAV) give the best jitter figures. It’s a good idea to figure out one’s burner strategies with CSpeed or DVDInfopro, so to use the burning speeds applying either pure CLV (will be slow though) or pure CAV. These combinations varies a lot from burner to burner in my experience.