Ever heard of Emprex AW-G170A?

Emprex AW-G170A is currently sold at Fry’s for $30 after $10 rebate. AFAIK, Emprex drives were usually made by BTC. I opened an unsealed box at Fry’s. The label on the drive shows it is Sony AW-G170A -B2, Made in Malaysia. The lower right corner of the label shows BTC and its web site. The drive’s specs are the same as Optiarc AD-7170A.
I can’t find any info about this drive on BTC’s site, nor did I find any clue that Sony has any relation with BTC.

check this link


From the name I’d guess it’s a Sony AW-G170A - which actually is an Optiarc AD-7170A drive.

Emprex is just another rebadger like I/O Magic, Pacific Digital, etc. They’ve rebadged BTC drives in the past, but since (I believe) BTC is not in the ODD industry any longer, Emprex turned to some other OEM supplier. Since there’s no reason to relabel leftover boxes, they’ve just put whatever drive inside. Unless there’s an announcement of a Sony/NEC/BTC merger, there are no relations between Sony/NEC and BTC.