Even writers are unable to handle reading incompletely (aborted) burned CD-R?


If a CD-R was not burned completely (not tried with DVD yet), then the TOC refers to a part of the disc that was never written to.
CD players go crazy when trying to access that part.

Computer drives handle it differently, but still fail.
If I send a CD playing command (for drives without headphone jack and analogue audio output, it just moves the lens. If I use this method to move the lens to a blank disc part, nothing bad happens.
Old drives still struggle with that.

If I do a C1/C2 scan with a S182, unlike “end of sense information” SCSI response, it stays frozen forever (eject button not working. Only poweroff) and maintains rotation soeed.

On ehery disc drive, trying to read data from the unburned CD-R part causes struggle.

Should a disc writer not know, that this is a blank part of the disc?