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I tried to copy Warcraft III with this new version. In my pentium III 500, I used the BWA builder and got much square sin forms.
Than I used my laptop (pentium IV) with alcohol to make a mds-file. There was a beautiful curve with 4 little peaks.
I figured that the mds was good so converted to bwa with BWA-Builder.
Than I nibbled an image with blindread and verified the image. The image was compatible for sd2.8X. I didn’t know this was bad, because I have never used blindwrite suite before.
O.K. Further I used blindwrite to burn the image, the bwa file was found.
At install the disc hung!
(I’ve read that you have to install with original and than use the copied one for misleading the protection. how can it be that the only program that does copy 1:1 does get a fault copy? Ok for the atip there is no sollution at all.)
Ok so I installed with the original and than I tried to play with my backup. The recognicion of the cd took about 3 secs longer than with the original. Than I selected to play the game and the protection told me that the original cd was not inserted?!?!?!?
Even with clonecd I managed to get a working copy of Warcraft III.

Sorry that I can’t try to burn newer games, but that’s because this is my latest protected cd.

The burner in the laptop was a QSI-081 with NX09 firmware.

So not only the Liteon drive have problems…

Hmmm your post does raise some questions ?

For example, WC3 is protected by a version of securom which does not require BWA. So a burner with full sub capability will do. furthermore, it is commonly known that BWA is still in its infancy and that lots a cdroms/writers arent able to read twinsectors properly and since the twinsectors are inserted in the sectors used by the install program it is known that those readers arent able to fully install the game.

Then … what do you mean it is SD2.8+ compatible ? dont understand what that means ? :smiley: You should however when burning securom, untick/deselect all references to EFM or SAM in the program u use to burn.

And final question, which version did u use ? cuzz, BW4.2.2 does have a securom bug ! use BW4.2.3 !

Well, hope this helps, and if anyone sees something thats wrong pls lemme know !


The HoG

I used 4.2.3 for this copy. I nibbled the image without any use of sd protection copying methods.

btw. your location is hopefully mot my’anus

@jay-sea : nopes, I would wanna be there now would I :smiley: :smiley: !

But anyways, I too live in holland ! :smiley: :smiley: but ur new post hasnt exactly shed new light on the subject u posted !

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I accidentaly put a new thread were I just wanted to reply to another post on bw4.2.3

btw. I’m sorry but the only program that does work for everything I have managed to copy (without securom very new and sd2.8X) is clonecd.
Warcraft III tells me it has Securom 4.8.XXX
So it has to be securom very new, but I know it isn’t

Originally posted by Jay Sea
Warcraft III tells me it has Securom 4.8.XXX
So it has to be securom very new, but I know it isn’t

LOL :slight_smile: is Warcraft III telling you what protection it has ?! LOL :slight_smile:

Sorry m8 you probably mean something else ! just thought it was funny ! :smiley:

Greets and oudoe heej ! :smiley:

SecuRom dat zuigt ole ole ole ! :smiley: :smiley:

O.k. protver.exe laat zien dat het om deze beveiliging gaat.

ermmm I dont wanna upset the moderators so I’ll post in english, try some other protection scanners ? clony XXL for ex.

What does protver.exe scan ? the executable on the HD or on the CD ?
Cuzz if you updated WC3 with patches maybe them assholes at blizzard upgraded their defenses :smiley: :smiley: (happens all the time with patches !)

Well , again, usefull info … thanks for all the feedback dude !

Greets ,

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