Even more about Clony in English

I just posted the article Even more about Clony in English.

Marvin used our newssubmit to tell us a little more about ClonyXXL. From the English support board over at ClonyXXL. Very interesting debate going on:

"Well, since BxxxxJ didn’t feel…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3039-Even-more-about-Clony-in-English.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3039-Even-more-about-Clony-in-English.html)

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The idea is cool… But his translation really sucks… :wink: Can’t he just tell us how he managed to access the dialogues and with what so someone else can do this better… :slight_smile:

Well so teh original exe is packed and that is why most of you can’t do anything to it. So first unpack it, and then anything can be done. Editing the menus, adding/chaning wavs, bitmaps even the button pictures aswell. The menus are edited by me, but I simply do not have the time to translate the whole program. Anyway I am wondering if the author is not going to release an English version, which is interesting for me, let’s hope that is not the way other programmers follow, because German language is spoken in many countries thought but far less people speak it than English. Anyway if anyone is interested in the unpaceked exe, please send me a mail and I will send you the file, with instructions how to handle all problems accessing the resources. regards, $tephen

:frowning: I hope in a new software UltraCool to search the protection but in Japan. with the kiss to Clony XXL Team. Why not in the next release Lock the program if the Hear arent Blond and the Eyes are Blue ? Yaps in in english don’t support the Language Barrier, try another software instead.

I can try to translate Clony… Time to try to remember my old cracking skills :slight_smile:

I have used the 90% translated version and to be quite honest with you, the individual did a very good job. OK it isn’t complete yet, but the program works just the same, so big round of applause to the man who released this translated version. People on here welcome comments like these, and gives them incentive too carry on. :wink: GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK

what program do you use to edit/hack other programs?

the Clony XXL Team want lots registered members to vote in the poll so if not at memeber at www.ezboard.com go and sign up and hope we get enough people voting :slight_smile:

Vote Here!!! Everyone. http://pub21.ezboard.com/femceeemfrm17.showMessage?topicID=2.topic

NOTE: you don’t need to be a member of the board to vote…

:slight_smile: Just be a Global EzBoard member… The author has some comments on it… read the replies… Greetzzzz

He’ll better make the English translation.

or i try to hack it again :4 :4

Again, the translation problem is the following: many people wanted to edit the resources only but strings and other variables are stored in other way, so if someone is giving it a try be sure he knows how to use a hex editor… Anyway, many “text” pictures are simply graphics resources, so someone SHOULD draw them first, before a FULL English version can be released. Let me show you what I mean: when no cd is insterted you see a “keine CD” title… that’s NO TEXT but a graphics. And another “CD noch nicht gescannt” which is again a graphics resource. When someone wants to fully translate this program, then he must change the grahics resources aswell… Let’s not mention the German database about special features like SafeDisk2 compatible writers… Anyway, again I offer the tool(s) and the UNPACKED exe which can be manipulated if someone has time and want to play with it… I rather be happy if something could make the author release a FULL English version, eventhough that is a great job I know, assuming that he would do a FULL translation (with the nice things I’ve spoken about above). regards, Stephen

wich tools are these, I aint got nothing to do …

:slight_smile: I just checked the vote poll at the authors site. He is making a lot of unkind accusations about the vote being not valid because somebody is manupelating it. Looks like he does NOT want to make an english version. He is lloking for an excuse NOT to do so now the votes start coming in. What do you think ?

I think he is Anti-American or English… You know what I say, Fuck Him… If its so much trouble for him to make English Speakers happy then fuck his program… Im uninstalling the previous one now… Much :r to the author!

Ha ha ha! My new son, is here!! The only thing we can is decrunch the exe and take out the source code and release it free on the net!!! :4

Just a question: Will EmceeEm get commissions for the members he recruits to EZboard? Otherwise, why he so eager to make people doing such useless voting? I know the outcome of the polling; he knows the outcome and everybody knows the outcome. If ezboard pays him commisson, I understand it because clony is a freeware and these good programmers need some sort of financial support anyway. I will open a few dummy hotmail accounts to support him. on the other hand, if no commission, then I cannot understand why he doing this. What is the motivation? By the way, (something off topic) does anybody know how to change my cdfreaks password, I found it is very difficult to remember and I always use public computers to send post; hence can’t save my password. Thanks Man

I am the one that translated clonyxxl to english using bablefish. then i got hold of a text file that did a great job with most of the menus and such. i then redid the file and it is posted on my site. I have spoken to BxxxxJ about an english version of ClonyXXL and there will be one after the final release is out. It was simple to change the menus except for the tabs at the bottom, but in the better english rip on my site, i also include the text file is anyone wants to change more. if ya have any questions, let me know. just send me some email