Even Metallica made illegal copies ;-0

I just posted the article Even Metallica made illegal copies ;-0.

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Interesting factoid:
Our thanks to Register reader Dave Martin who spotted the following: in the liner notes for…

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Always the same ! At first a poor boy and after a bloody sneaky rich capitalist. Stupid Metalica - ban this group !

Can you say “hypocrite”? Metallica sold out a long time ago, they are really showing their true colors…

Metallica sucks!!! I like their music and have supportted them by buying their albums, but with this crappy behavior I won`t buy a f’’'ing t-shirt from them.

Man F#ck Metallica!! I hope no one shows up to their next tour and they can sit around thinking, “Man where did WE f^ck up at?” Greedy bastards. BOYCOTT METTALICA NOW!

Metallica? Or limp bizkit! limp are the ones that say they are doing free concerts in support of napster and really is all for $$ cuase napster is paying them $1.8 million (while metallcia has done them for free! losing money to set things up) and for napster is just a big buisness, did you know the person who created it is just now an employee (that tells you something?). I don’t like the new metallica music but the are not sueing for money, but cause they ask napster via letter to please to try to take their master studio songs out, and did even get a reply! tried agian and nothing, so you tell me wouldn’t you be pissed?! yeah righ! Just cause we save some $ with napster (and is a nice program that i used) doesn’t mean metallica are some sell outs and don’t have a clue or are close to have a good point!

Metallica sucks. As a direct result of their crap I copied ther cds from a guy at work who paid actual money for their latest cd.

i love metallica and i
support everthing the band do

Nice try Lars!! We know it’s you above :stuck_out_tongue:

metallica sucks thats all i have to say , they banned me from napster and that because i downloaded 4 songs ,f""ck them

I think they’re pissing off too many people this way. I mean, would you ever even consider buying an original Metallica CD again after being banned from Napster by them? And what’s next? Are they gonna sue the companies who invented the compact cassette and the CDR? Get real! By the way, I think these guys are only in it for the money nowadays. Look at their official website, everything is “members only”!

vou ver se dá


thanks 3atain

yo man