Even God hates Blu-ray?

@ CDF Staff

Please delete rontheripper’s post. Jokes about pedophelia aren’t appropriate or funny.


I would of liked the article if it said, the Pope calls God, “God? Yes Pope? Got an Iphone here (See picture) but I was thinking of getting this snazy looking Bluray player. What do you think god?” God replies, “Ohh hell no biatch!!!” :slight_smile:

Now that would of been funny as …!!!


Nice blog. It made me laugh and had a ring of truth to it.

I watch standard DVD’s and Blu-Ray Discs at home, Blu-Ray is too expensive and only mildly better than DVD, Blu-Ray is dyinga well deserved death. Whats next? Solid State movies on a plug in cartrige?

DukeNukem SUX.:iagree::bigsmile:

Only mildly better?
What are you watching them on…
On a high def device, BR is much better than dvd…
IMHO of course :wink:

RonTheRipper… You Beast You!

Dukey Baby is that a fact…you are a hooooover?