Even God hates Blu-ray?

I just posted the article Even God hates Blu-ray?.

At the Vatican they’ve been brainstorming for a few weeks now and today an assembly of Catholic bishops called for the use of mass communications to spread the word of the Bible.

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15160-Even-God-hates-Blu-ray.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15160-Even-God-hates-Blu-ray.html)

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Well God probably hates catholocism too, so I don’t buy the argument.

I don’t want to be “resonated :bow:” so I guess its time to get a blu-ray player.
(just kidding)

I guess God reads CDFreaks too…

God hates Blu-ray? Hmm… where have I read that before? That photo looks familiar. Oh, yeah:

cough rip-off cough

Too bad they don’t embrace women in their organization as quickly as they do mass distribution tech and little boys… And what’s with the Halloween costume? It isn’t until Friday!!!

@ Crabby

C’mon now. The Catholic Church may be infested by pedophiles, but that’s no way to talk about their clothes. As a non-practicing Catholic and former altar boy, I find your comments mildly offensive.

@Duke: “I find your comments mildly offensive.”

Feel free to edit out any inaccuracies…

From the look of his crook-he thinks he’s a shepard-but i am not one of his “sheep”

Those are some bithin’ rags that guy is wearing. At a glance, I’m thinking 100% cotton. Not that polyester junk that seems to be so popular with other religions these days. And the hat? I’m thinking it’s sewn together with real gold thread. And get a lookie at his staff. What an offensive weapon, great for adjusting the attitudes of non-believers. Yeah, it’s good to be king.

I just hope it is not open in the back like those hospital gowns!!! Is that a dinner napkin on his head btw?!?

“Is that a dinner napkin on his head btw?!?”

Damn, you just have to give me the number of the guy who writes your stuff.

Someone need to introduce blu-ray to Vatikan! :smiley:


@ Blue

You just have to outpost everyone, eh? That’s right, Mr. Big Shot. Mr. I Can Outpost DukeNukem. Your Mom must be proud.


The Vatican knows that Sony is the devil in disguise.

Why is this even news? Who cares…

@ shaolin007

This is news only for people who hate Sony and Blu-ray. Otherwise, nothing to see here.

Why is this even news? Who cares…
I know why say this now, why did nobody post articles like this around this time last year when HD-DVD was still around :slight_smile:

I do have to say this is a very unusual tidbit to be posting here on CDF. Perhaps it is a novelty, but certainly what the Vatican may or may not say about Blu-ray wouldn’t make a hill o’ beans difference. A far more relevant piece of reading would have been this (http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=365&tag=nl.e550), since it gives actual figures/costs of Blu-ray…although the title of the article is misleading since no one’s “called it” yet.

Excellent article. Thank you.

Mother Superior finds 2 altar boys in the back of the church with ice packs on their crouch’s. She asks"boys what are you doing?" & they reply “father Omalley likes to have 2 colds ones before mass”