Even for free, Windows 7 more popular than Windows 8

We’ve just posted the following news: Even for free, Windows 7 more popular than Windows 8[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2014/02/myce-windows-8-pirated-95x75.png[/newsimage]

Windows 7 is more popular on torrent sites than Windows 8. We counted how many people were seeding Windows versions and their variants on the Piratebay and added them together. Given the fact that pirates have access to a free Windows 8 copy this way, it’s surprising to see that the majority of the illegal downloaders still prefers Windows 7.

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It is probably a result of people downloading W7 to replace W8 on the computer they just bought.

MS screwed up… they did not ready the industry for alternative interface by making win8 MORE than a preference for touchscreens. Touchscreens are EXPENSIVE and few people want to be touching a flat-panel monitor. Optical interface and/or sensors like the Kinect should have been licensed and made cheaply ($25) by other mfg’s

Since they didn’t do that, it’s their own fault for the OS not taking off.