Evaluating quality of NEC2500 burns?


I’ve just purchased an NEC 2500a, and had repeated coasters using Ritek G04 media. The disks appeared to burn okay, but failed to verify (Nero 6).

A couple of the disks verified okay, but obviously I’m not feeling very trustworthy now. I’ve seen the various error rate diagrams in the CD Freaks review (and also the other Ritek related threads) and wondered this:

Is there any way to tell how “good” a burned disk is, if you don’t have access to a LiteOn burner or drive to run K-Probe with? I’ve ordered some other media to test, but it would be nice to get a better idea of the burn quality than just “verified” or “failed to verify”.

The NEC2500 is a very picky reader, try to do a DVDInfopro scan with another DVD reader.

Thanks- something like DVDInfoPro looks like what I was looking for.

Nero cdspeed (comes bundled with Nero burning rom) does pretty much the same test as dvdinfopro. Might as well use that.

Here is a scan with ritekg04, sold as traxdata dvdr-

Traxdata DVD-R caused various quality issues for me too :frowning: It seems like they’re B-quality media :frowning: