Evaluate my graphs

Forgive my ignorance. I can only say that they look worse than other scans I’ve seen. I noticed the CAV type is faster than the Z-CLV mine always uses, how can I change that?

AMD XP 2500+
nVidia IDE drivers
NEC 3540A

You should scan a disc at max. 5x. Then your results will get better.

Have you got DMA mode enabled?

Your scan is actually better than mine. here. :slight_smile: The problem is the media, crappy RITEKG05.

I’ll take that into consideration next time around. Thanks.

I am running nVidia IDE drivers and it says my NEC drive is set for UDMA2.

I’m gonna start using some 16x dvd-r TY media as soon as it comes in. The RitekG05’s were burning fine and I was getting good reads in my dvd-roms but I was put off by the lack of longevity I’ve been hearing about as of late. Hopefully TY solves it all.

Scan after scan of bad Ritek G05. Just left another thread with the same poor results. That batch was sold under the Memorex brand. Less than a year ago Ritek was producing good media, wouldn’t touch it today !
Verbatim MCC003 8X-12x on sale at Bestbuy for $19.99 50pk. this week ! Excellent results on NEC drives.