Eusing Free Registry Cleaner?



:doh: Hi Has anyone every used this Registry Cleaner? Does anyone know if it any good? Can anyone help? Thanks Heama


Never heard of it before…but I googled for reviews and it seems like it´s ok. As with any of these programs, make sure you allow it to make back-ups to the registry before deleting stuff.

Have you used it already?
Any problems?

Have you used any other reg cleaners…for example, CCleaner?


hi deanimator, Yes i am using it now, and and it seems good, not problem with my computer yet, i also have CCleaner, i downloaded CCleaner a few months back because i heard on club cd freaks that it was a really good cleaner, and you guys were right it is a great cleaner, so thanks for advice, i really like the help, as i am not very good at computers.