Eurovision Song Contest 2005



Its that time of year again, when the ESC is drawing ever nearer!
Who will win this time? Will it be men in high heels and aluminium foil, a ballad, some sort of rock song, a song about gaming problems, a song with farting noises and spanish phrases from a country that isnt Spain, or maybe even Finland (hah like thats ever going to happen :p)?

I like Greece alot and Switzerland also. Our own Las Vegas is a good song but unfortunately too difficult for most people I fear.

If you have no idea of what ESC is or you havent paid attention (shame on you!) then here is all the entrys in lovely lowres streams

Countries that wont win:

Ballads = suicide. A ballad cannot win.

Mixed up france with Bulgaria. France has NOT sent a ballad this year, which in itself must be some sort of record!


Are you gay?? :wink:


Our own Las Vegas is a good song but unfortunately too difficult for most people I fear.

Didn’t you have some cheesy rap song last year or was that Norway? :slight_smile:


What is the matter with you people! Its the ESC! Second in importance only to the Nobel prize!
Anyway some more countries that wont win this year.
Little Andorra will not be going to the final this year, and Macedonia wont be either.
A suprise this year is Ireland, but not in a good way. Donna at least tries but her brother Joe is hopelessly free of charisma. And the song, oh boy. And then they add petrol to the fire by tossing in some riverdance.
No Ireland, not this year. In fact no more riverdance. Ever. Please.

I said that I think Greece will win in my first post but we mustn’t forget Iceland. Iceland have a real winner song and performance.


Nope we sent Lena Philipson with “It hurts”, a song about anal sex.
Norway sent a man on piano I recall.

If it was cheesy it was most probably Austria.


Eurovision Song Contest 2005 … you can’t be serious, you really can’t be.


Even with a great singer (and most of ours and the rest are’nt), with so many countries always voting for each other - no other countries outside ‘the collective’ stands a chance these days. Many believe the UK should pull out altogether - not sure, but I heard we pay a large proportion of the costs - waste of money.


Well at least this year Englands entry is rather good. Dare I remember you about Jemini? My god that was awful. And block-voting is as old as the contest itself, but that havent stopped Ireland from winning seven times.


Up with this thread about the most important event since last years ESC! Iceland didnt get to the final, and they were among the favourites for the win. Much can happen in the ESC! Also, big pluses to the Ukrainian organizers (although the technical production is Swedish :p) for finding a pair of hosts that speak english. Take note Turkey…

Grandma got Moldova to the final, most interesting attire I must say. Of course Norway was supreme this semifinal, I think they might take it all.

Go Greece, Norway and Sweden! :slight_smile:


If I just saw it correctly, Norway put on some kind of powermetal band, right? If so… they MUST win… that would be so cool. Metal for all! :slight_smile:


Oi Stop reminding us. Anyway it was the poor conditions and mic that did it. Honest.

Who’s are entry this year???


Javine - “Touch my fire”


Can’t this thread be closed. :wink:



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This thread … or Eurovision ? :wink:

It’s just a waste of government owned money. :frowning:


You are likely the only greek in the galaxy to think that! Or have you changed your mind? :smiley:

And we won! :slight_smile:


We won the contest and many people were cheering and celebrating here in Greece.

Not me though :cool:


Thats what I said!
Elena is swedish you know :slight_smile:
Also we wonder if Alexandra Pascalidou might get to lead the show next year, which would be perfect since she is swedish too!

Now our song went down the drain and its the talk of the morning and probably the coming week too. Norway only gave us one point which led to suggestions about invading the country (and to celebrate it is 100 years since last time we almost invaded Norway :D). Of course I in turn thought Norway would do much better, maybe not win but certanly better than Malta. Oh well, this is the beauty of Eurovision after all. All that really matters for me is that I beat Womble :bigsmile:.
It’s interesting to see that the guaranteed countries are last. Strange since they have the largest population and should not have much trouble digging out someone who can sing. But alas, Spain had squashed tomatoes in mind, Germany thought some rock could never hurt (although the singers voice certanly could damage eardrums everywhere), France thought of singing in french (suprizé!) and the UK thought of copying every single MTV video out there.

I almost hoped Moldava would win, of course that would mean we would have to spend next year in some dirty rundown elementary school hall. But grandma was so charming! :slight_smile:

Anyhoo next year we will send a song about anal sex again, complete with grannys with plateu boots in silver jumpsuits and carefully choreographed dancing with a catchy refrain.

BUT, for once, you cannot say “wrong song won”. Greece was the best and for the first time on many years won fair and square!

Σytxaphthpia Ελλάς!


My only problem with eurovision is that the most songs are not very original.When i hear the songs i always say “where have i heard that before?”.

Otherwise it’s a good gathering and celebration with people from all europe.

Oh something else … was Elena famous when she lived in Sweden?

Σytxaphthpia Ελλάς!

You tried to say congratulations in Greek here didn’t you ? You almost got it right, it’s a difficult word to say. In latin characters it would be sound like “sygharitiria”. :smiley:


Yeah they are cool… very cool :slight_smile: