Europe's largest pirate CD plant seized



I just posted the article Europe’s largest pirate CD plant seized.

Koeimans used our newssubmit to tell us that Europes largest pirated CD plant has been seized by the German authorities.

The plant made about 1 million pirated CDs a year and produced pirated…

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:frowning: - F%&$# them ALL!. We need this pirates, F#$5 The Justice!


Making profit off pirated cds is lame anyways.


I fully agree with temo. Getting music for your personal usage is one thing. Making a large profit off of it is totally another. It’s as bogus as the record companies, basically both groups are making a profit on something they did very little towards.


But then, some countries are so oppressed that pirating is almost necessary…


but as long as there are p2p programs and irc, I agree that making money with pirates is bad, very bad


Sure, but not everybody has the a broadband connection to d/l music and movies from the internet! For those people illegal cd’s are the only sollution!


Well at least it keeps cops busy! As long as there will be people making money from selling pirated CDs, little people like us will be left alone… :slight_smile:


/quote/ The plant, consisting of two CD manufacturing lines, was being covertly operated by a music company, /end quote/ so, its not (just) plain ppl who are involved, music companies too!! companies who fight piracy… LOOOOLLL don’t they earn enough money yet???


Stealing software and reselling as your own is wrong. That’s why I hate Microsoft. Wait, who did they arrest again…?


i respect those CD burners, they where commited to their job, just like me, but i dont plan to go big. It is a fine of $50,000 per pirate copy CD you sell, they sold 1000000 CD’s per year, they mightov been in the business for 20 years, if you work it out like i did; 20x$1000000x$50,000 now they litterlary got a fine of arount 10billion bucks!! I support their business decision and i hope they only get the life sentance. Again, Respect you guys, i look up to you!(when i say you guys i mean the guys that got caught) RESPECT, WEST SIDE, Keep it real every-one