Europeans crave mobile data more than US

I just posted the article Europeans crave mobile data more than US.

Primarily fueled by online video, Europeans will continue to consume more data over their mobile handsets in the years ahead, a report by Cicso Systems predicts.
The network equipment supplier said…

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Even though our European counterparts will continue to lead the way, it seems more handset owners here in America are interested in viewing content online through their mobile phones.

I love how more web sites are creating mobile versions of web sites, and watchinv video clips online is becoming a more enjoyable experience.

It’s no surprise mobile data usage is higher in Europe, plan rates are much cheaper there. They don’t gouge their users as much as the US mobile phone operators.

lmao more like rape here !!! greed will get you in the end and will make you look like a jackass and slow you down so others are smarter than you . Many people in europe for $30/ month carry their highspeed with them on usb-stick packages from internet providers and you can go online anywhere in the frikin country as long as there is CELL PHONE COVERAGE which means at the goddamn beach!!! wake up america don’t be morons forever you gota wake up sooner or later… gnight

I am from there here for 2 years then heading back where I have freedom to camp without paying a cent at least!!! try doing that here LMAO!!!:bow:

I think europe is much more densed populated, which makes it cheaper to exploit such network.

Maybe time for a mobile version of CDFreaks so Americans have something to visit on their mobile :slight_smile:

I dont watch much German tv, so I just started seeing commercials for this internet for 25 euros per month . Like Coolios said, you can go absolutely anywhere theres cell phone service and surf. I mean, 6 hours on a bloody train, what the hell is a man to do?? Depending on speed and download limits, it might be worth giving my landline the boot.