European record labels rue hounding out Napster

I just posted the article European record labels rue hounding out Napster.

PiracyNOW used our newssubmit to tell us that European labels are currently not actively pursuing file sharers that trade pirated music.

The European record industry is afraid it will give them…

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I think it’s too late for them to make up anything to the consumers. The music industry is going to have to change it’s ways, like it or not, very near in the future. People are getitng tired of paying over-inflated prices for shitty music and half-assed artists… I’m with -fb: Boycott the RIAA. :4

I’m pretty sure everyone with a modem and a burner is already boycotting the RIAA.

It’s not that long ago when the music industry was forced to lower its prices of CD’s because they were overinflated. Well, that trend has gone into reverse and it’s not the fault of the illegal copying - it’s again the greedy producers etc who think that if they don’t get that extra penny on the cost of a CD then they could lose out on all the trappings of a stinkingly rich lifestyle. Well, the laughs on them now. Most folk I talk to will rather buy a copy of a CD than buy it new. This is for two reasons: 1: The CD is obviously overpriced. 2: Substandard “artists” who are told that they are the bees knees every day for two years then they disappear into virtually total obscurity. I hate buying new CD’s and will only do so for the REAL musicians out there who have been around for a while and made it ‘on their own’ because they’ve got talent as singers but more importantly as WRITERS!!! Not for them the cover versions of the same songs we’ve listened to for 20 or 30 years. So - stick it up 'em and let’s hope they realise this one day and maybe we will once again start to pay for decent music from decent artists at decent prices!!! :frowning:

In Oz, a couple of times a year a group of braindead get together and the result is mediocre talent like “bardot” who would attract more attention if they were lap dancing and wouldn’t sell if the radio stations weren’t paid big bikkies for airtime…point I’m trying to make, lately we have had a lot of plastic talent forced upon us so music moguls can live their lifestyle…The music industry has cut it’s own throat…me I’m going to sit back and watch it bleed :4