European proposal means photographing landmarks becomes violation of copyright



We’ve just posted the following news: European proposal means photographing landmarks becomes violation of copyright[newsimage][/newsimage]

A proposal of the European Union means making holiday photographs of famous landmarks is no longer legal, a similar law is already in effect in several European countries.

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What an asinine position to take. Just how are they going to enforce this BS of a law? I swear the world has lost all semblance of common sense. Why are people electing these idiots to positions of authority?


If got a solution to enforce copyright they have to put the landmark behind a fence 20 feet taller than the landmark itself. That way extraordinary means would be needed to take the photograph as they would allow no cameras inside the fences.
Of course no tourist would object to that & would still be willing to come to an area & spend their money.

I would be all for the USA government giving any “world court” or other nations court the finger if they tried to sue any business or person in the USA over this.


I read something like this and shake my head at the stupidity of the exercise. Then I think that these same people are also making high level decisions regarding the economy, healthcare, national security etc. and it is no wonder the world is on fire. We have absolute idiots controlling our fate.


The European Union has been working out some copyright reforms for some time now. This is just one of several proposals that will likely be appearing everywhere. It’s upsetting to see that this is the direction in which their reforms are headed. I guess “reform” must be mean “even worse” in the indicernable language of lawers.


This is common in the US. Most public places that you would want to photograph and sell commercially are already protected by trademark. E.g. If you photograph and sell the empire state building without consent, its a trademark violation. Buildings constructed after 1990 are also subject to copyright. Getting consent is usually done by signing an agreement and paying a fee. Â Most professional photographers would be aware of this.
The social media tie in is a stretch. Its unlikely individuals would be issued with take down notices but maybe the services would asked to filter such images,
So much for those treasured vacation pics.


The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.



[QUOTE=philamber;2756212]The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.[/QUOTE]The lunatics have always been in charge of that particular asylum.


I’ve signed a petition against this change at the following link: Petition - European Paliament

I’d urge others who also think it is madness to do the same.


Looks like common sense might have prevailed in the matter: