European panel investigates DVD-standards rivalry

I just posted the article European panel investigates DVD-standards rivalry.

 This just  in from over at C|net. Around here, we know that blue  laser products were stalled for some time and it certainly seems to be over concerns surrounding  Hollywood, at least from...
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This is simply more gov’t intrusion into areas that they don’t understand.:r It seems that the EU is trying to throw its weight around and is investigating all kinds of claims of possible unfair trade practices, yet they let Apple and its iPod go? Bunch of horse puckey, if you ask me. At least the US Gov’t doesn’t waste taxpayer’s time and $$ to investigate this kind of crap until its obvious. Who cares if one side pressures studios? If the studios choose the losing side, that’s their own fault. If I were the one in charge of a Hollywood studio, I’d release all my movies in both formats, this way I could not possibly lose customers because a portion of the population bought player X and I released my movies only on discs that player Y can play. A big :r on the EU for wasting their people’s time and $$.

We already know the US gov and assorted others (Senate, Reps) are on the pockets of the big corps. Please don’t try to say that that is good and that the same should happen in the EU. I live in the EU and I’m happy there’s a Competition commission and they seem to be doing something about those things. If you are American and like it the way it works over there, good for you. But don’t try to say that the American way is the right way because, IMO, it is not.