European DVD DATA Disk

My sister-in-law recently traveled to Italy and ran out of space on her digital camera memory card. She had a DVD made of her photos in Rome, and then erased the card to take more photos. When taking the DVD made in Rome to her local photo shop, they were unable to read the pictures on the disk. This disk did work at the camera shop in Rome, so we know there is data on it. How can we get the data off the disk and into a format she can get pictures made in the US? Is there a program to convert from the European format to US format for a DVD data disk? Any help would be appreciated.

If they are still pictures, they are data. You should be able to read them on your computer.
It looks more like cheep DVD disc they used for burning, and local photo shop DVD drive cannot read it.
Try to open it on your machine, may be you will have better luck.
It could also be DVD+R and their drive is not able to read those.
It is also also possible they formatted disc for packet writing, in that case IsoBuster will be required to get the pictures off.

Yup, data discs luckily are not related to regions etc.