European Court Rules Against Piracy Enabled Media Players

In an unsurprising ruling, the European Court of Justice ruled that media players that come pre-configured to stream pirated content are not legal in the European Union. This case was started by the anti-piracy organization BREIN, which brought suit against, a company in the Netherlands selling media players using Kodi and plug-ins which allowed quick and easy access to illegal streaming sites on the net.

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And this is going to stop Pirating and Torrents? Guess they still have their head up where the sun doesn’t shine again…

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I so wish there could be a viable way to shut copyright bullies like BREIN down for good. The EU and the USA (and presumably other jurisdictions) both need copyright reform now more than ever. If the majority of people want to do a certain thing, a half-decent government should let them do it unless there is a strong justification for stopping them. IMHO, protecting the profits of those one-percenters, who make more money in one day then most make in their entire lifetimes, is not an adequate justification.

A copyright reform will only happen when the next generation takes things over,as themselves have grown up with ‘the problem’.
The old dinosaurs who still rule the multimedia companies can’t anticipate…

Actually, I’m willing to bet these dinosaurs did anticipate the issues my generation is facing (I’m a millennial, BTW). Of course, “anticipating” does not mean the same as “giving a darn”.