European Copyright Laws easily explained is worlds largest CD and DVD recording community and we, as creators, feel that we should contribute in the education of our visitors when it comes to things that are allowed and forbidden by (national) laws. Also Elby, creators of CloneCD and CloneDVD, agreed with us on this and together we have started a new project:

This project aims to educate our visitors about the copyrights laws in European Union member states and the European Copyrights Directive that has been put in place. The information has been collected and written by the University of Amsterdam and academics from all over Europe. If you are living in a member state of the European Union or are intrested in the copyright laws of these countries then check out our website at:

thanks for clarifying:)

ah ah ah, what is this eurocrap…from europe…

“Yes, you are allowed to do (a copy)so unless the DVD or the CD is protected by a measure which makes it impossible to copy”

so if the copy protection is not “impossible” to copy, can I legally to copy?(answer from a eurocrat)huh? duh???
what do u mean but impossible. uh? does it mean, not impossible but possibly not possible unless it is possibly unpossible???

me again :
so tell me, can I or can I not make a copy???

answer from a socialo politician eurocrat:" look man, dont piss me off, do whatever you want, the laws are clear enough for a moron like you…so just read them and do 'nt bother me…u are just a cd freak"

conclusion: YOU ARE JUST A BUNCH OF CD FREAKS… :bigsmile:

They never said the law was omnipotent John.

right, it is why i am here…:slight_smile:

Useful FAQ cna be found here

Hallo all,
very interesting. I spent some time to kick myself through the english summary from Dr.Peukert and read afterwards the german FAQ.
The summary quotes that a criminal act would be “willful circumvention of technological protection measures, unless this circumvention is done for private use (§ 108b (1) no. 1)”
But in the FAQ he states clearly circumvention is not allowed even for private copy.
Anybody smart enough to explain us the discrepancy? Or does he just take the interpretation of the averadge German judge into account??

not allowed != criminal act.
not allowed = you are not allowed to do this, but the state does not care. no police, no state attorney.
criminal act = the state does care. :slight_smile:

So it’s OK to copy pirate copies (with CSS already removed) for private use
but not OK to copy legit dvds (with CSS) for private use

you gotta laugh.

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hi all :slight_smile:

im new @ the forum but i’ve been reading all your threads…

right now im living in switerzland (french side) and i cant find anything about this problem.
can someone give me a hand please :o

do u kno how to copy ps2 games from the hardrive on to a dvd r? and doz it hav 2 b an iso file

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Your website is great! I’m doing research on copyright laws in the US and elsewhere and your website is very informative on the issues in Europe. When I have more time, I’ll have to take a closer look. Is it possible to add a link to you on one of my download blogs?

Feel free to link to the above-mentioned site, spread the word!

Great! Thanks!

Like most people (if not all) I am still confused about the law here. Maybe the question isn’t can I copy a DVD etc; maybe the question is can I crack or manipulate someone elses digital software? (obviously the reply will be No) But I would like someone, anyone! to point me to the exact page on law describing the use of cracks and so forth. Because it’s very hard to find (through all the mumble jumble) Where is the law exactly, on thou shalt not crack this…
Note I understand that each manufacture has its own lawful protections written up, is this where the answer is? Because it will be very difficult consistantly going to each company’s site to fully read their “I accept” policy (and usually no one does anyway) to find Their law.
Does a law exist (fraud is a very general word) and if so where, I’d like to copy it, (!) to show people elsewhere, that actually you can be prosecuted under this law somewhere.
Also other than companies, have individuals been prosecuted ?
Everyone seems to download over and over and over again, but nope, no prosecution, no one cares. Should I not care like everyone else?
Please insert url to law page here?!!

I know in the UK it is illegal to make backup copies of any media source.

e.g If I paid £15 for a CD and I want to listen to it on my mp3 player, I can’t. By law I have to purchase the mp3’s individually and then play them on my mp3 player, being careful not to distribute them to too many sources (usually a maximum of 2 or 3!). A recent Government Think Tank has said conversion should be made legal now and still the record companies are fighting it.

If I spent £40 for Lord Of The Rings (any of the 3 SE’s) and I wanted to make a backup copy to watch, whilst keeping the original somewhere safe, I’d be breaking the law.

Therefore if you have a movie on VCR, legally you would have to buy the DVD (and the HD/Blu-Ray), and if you’ve got a PSP, again on UMD. Illegal to convert sources! Nice earner!

Funnily enough it’s also illegal to record a show off the TV (check the copyright stuff at the very end!) and Broadcasters like sky and ntl are now adding Macrovision (or similar) protection to their Pay Per View so you can’t record them.

Personally prefer Countries which actually have the Fair Use policy. ie you’ve already paid royalties so you should be able to do whatever you want to the source, except for illegal distribution.

Come here to have a look! :clap:

thats odd. I thought you were allowed to copy one copy off onto your hdd and then use that in case of an emergency. then the law comes in and you cant do anything with it, burning off is forbiden (as it were).