European Commission rules adblock detection is not allowed

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The European Commission has stated that trying to detect whether an user is using an adblocker is illegal. The statement was made as part of an answer to a question of the CEO of privacy watchdog Think Privacy, Alexander Hanff.

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Good news supporting the individual’s right to opt out as default. :clap:

I was way ahead of the courts already and doing my own hosts blocking and been fine for me so far.

An interesting ruling. But I suspect it will be impossible to enforce, even for sites within the EU. There are just too many ways of detecting/thwarting an ad blocker.

And there is an obvious loophole - just design your site so the ad blocker is tricked into blocking the content as well as the ads. Maybe by using anonymised/proxy urls for both the adverts & content, so the two are virtually indistinguishable.

It would be extremely hard to class this as detection, but the result is the same. Visitors will still have to disable their ad blockers to see anything of value. However if they don’t, rather than seeing a message asking them to disable it they’ll just see a broken web site.

Yes, the European Union has made a good move for users. If the United States congress could pass something similar that would be great. But, congress people are too busy counting their bribe money to pass laws that protect the greater good.