European Commission launches investigation into Steam’s geo-blocking practices

We’ve just posted the following news: European Commission launches investigation into Steam’s geo-blocking practices[newsimage][/newsimage]

The European Commission has launched an investigation into the gray market of activation codes on the game platform Steam. By making it difficult to activate foreign activation codes, Steam is possibly violating European antitrust laws, the European Commision announced today.

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i dont think the steam store suffers from radiation (gray, radiation unit). Grey is the color you’re lookin for :stuck_out_tongue:

Why publishers of entertainment works insist on charging different amounts for different countries is beyond me. Of course people are buy cheap games and re-sell them in countries that charge more. The only way to prevent this is with a flat rate, in which everyone pays the same price, regardless of where they live.

It’s good that the EU is looking to punish Valve for their actions. Way to go, EU! Of course, we American also have anti-trust laws of our own. It’s too bad the US Department of Justice never sees fit to actually USE them!