European artists calling European Union to cut VAT on CDs

I just posted the article European artists calling European Union to cut VAT on CDs.

katastrofe used our news submit to tell us
that more than 1.200 international music artists have signed a petition being presented to the European Union in Brussels. In the

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In the past few months, we collected about 10 CDs that came free with newspapers. Most of these contain decent music and most of them contained between 10 and 20 tracks. Surely if a newspaper can give away full CDs for free even two - three weeks in a row, then it shows that the music industry have seriously over-inflated prices before tax. :d

Wake up folks, there’s no point in cutting the tax, it’ll just mean more profit for the recording producingselling chain, and prices will remain unchanged. Drop CD prices and earn less money, oh and write some decent music that’s actually worth buying into…

European music listener calling on European artists to cut prices!!! :slight_smile:

So if governments will profit after a few years due to increased sales, than what the IFPI is saying is that the recording industry could reduce prices 10-15% no problem, and increased sales would soon top THEIR profits back up. And the increased tax revenue could then go to all those hard working MP’s (well, i guess if they have more money that makes it harder for the RIAA etc. to buy them out! LOL)