European Apple iTunes served 800,000 tunes in its 1st week

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 Despite Coca-cola's Mycokemusic claiming to be  the leading online download service in Europe just a few days ago by  selling 500,000 tunes over 2 months, Apple iTunes has now announced to have ...
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Why is it I still can’t buy that iTunes is a loss-making service. Granted the way the markup the iPod I can see how they’re money is being made in the portable market business. I think that they don’t see iTunes as a source of profit because it’s much harder to make profit in that world. Where as with the iPod they can charge three times the going rate for the player simply because people buy into the brand name. I’ve yet to see any specific stats on the supposed “loss” iTunes is taking. The major flaw in this logic is as Apple points out, Napster isn’t selling a digital audio player. If the digital audio market wasn’t making money, Napster wouldn’t be here anymore. I think Mr. Jobs has confused profit with the absolute raping of the consumer of every dime for a sub-standard product.

In all fairness, congrats to them. I don’t think anyone would argue against that.